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Signature and easy to implement tools designed to create harmony and productivity in your workplace. 


"Generations" Workshops
David is available for speaking on generational topics to businesses and organizations in three dynamic ways:
Thirty Minute "Introduction to Generations"
One Hour Key-Note on "Generational Diversity and Inclusion"
Four Hour In-Depth Workshop on "Applying Generational Solutions"
If you are interested in booking a workshop or a speaking engagement, click "BOOK ONLINE" below for more information.


Effective Mentoring Workshop

Most mentoring relationships fail. Many never get off the ground. Leaders take for granted that everyone understands what an effective mentoring relationship looks like, but very few leaders really know how to initiate, sustain and evaluate mentoring relationships.


This workshop not only teaches leaders how to do all three, but equips them with the tools necessary to make the process easy. It also shows how to create cross-generational mentoring relationships to exemplify “everyone’s a learner and everyone’s a teacher”.

Communication Styles Workshop


How we communicate in the business world, and in our personal lives, is more than just words. This workshop, based on the Merrill Communication Styles model, helps each participant identify their personal primary and secondary communication style, teaches them how to recognize other's communication styles, and how to flex their own style to create more effective communication. This workshop is a "must" for anyone who relies on communicating with others as a key part of their job description.



Behavioral Interviewing Workshop

One of the keys to success in any business is "Have the right person in the right place at the right time". This can't possibly happen unless you hire the right people in the first place. Behavioral interviewing is based on the premise that "the best indication of future performance is past performance. 


This workshop not only teaches leaders how to understand behavioral interviewing, but uses skill practice to increase how to most effectively accomplish it. It equips them with the tools necessary to make the best hiring decisions. At the conclusion, a customized behavioral interview guide is provided that it tailored to your specific skill and competency needs.


Core Competency Development
How would your business function if every employee not only understood the key principles that drive the business, but also knew exactly what they needed to do in their role in order to drive results? We can show you how you can have every employee “marching to the same beat” in order to increase engagement and effectiveness. Organizations that make core competencies a part of their culture truly do differentiate themselves from their competitors.


Professional Individual Development Plans


Teaching leaders how to provide individual development for their direct reports is not as difficult as you may think. This workshop provides a framework for generating quality career development conversations that deliver proven value to your business.


Skill Gap Analysis & Career Mapping


Identifying and developing talent within your organization is crucial to success. Skill gap analysis is a simple tool customized to your organization to identify key skills and the degree of expertise needed for each job family and role. It will clearly show you what areas need focus and what areas have already been mastered.

Career Mapping provides a detailed framework of your business and identifies key skills that are necessary to create high performance in every role. Leaders using this tool develop smarter more strategic development conversations with their staff and can quickly hone in on key skill areas to target.

Black Bear Interactive Team Building Workshop


Black Bear is a team simulation for management development training. Team members learn and practice the group process skills needed to achieve synergy, including problem solving, consensus decision making, and conflict resolution.

Learning Outcomes: Learn how to manage and resolve group conflict, Hone group problem-solving skills, Improve communication, Practice consensus decision making, Learn how to work as a team under pressure, Experience the concept of team synergy, and Theory and Development .


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