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David has spent his entire career leading teams. He has extensive experience in sales, customer service, manufacturing, learning and development and executive coaching. David learned early on that being a team player is far more important than being an individual contributor. In 2017, he retired from the corporate world to follow his dream of developing leaders to empower teams. He is the founder and principle at WTG Talent Solutions, LLC, and lives by the philosophy that “leaders need people more than people need leaders”. David is passionate about helping businesses create a positive workplace. He sees generational dysfunction in business today as “the new frontier of inclusion” and has devoted himself to guiding others on cultivating a dynamic multi-generational workplace where the culture is a hub of harmony and productivity.


David is a notable public speaker and leadership coach available to speak in a variety of platforms from keynote presentations to business generational inclusion workshops. He resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife Sara.

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