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"Conquering the Generational Challenge" is the work of two people who share a common interest in how people interact in the workplace. Business relationships can be either harmonious or chaotic. Their passion is to help you achieve the former. While they agree on the goal, Keith and David provide very different commentary on the challenge. David, as a business leader, draws from an immense background of real experiences to create fun and engaging stories that bring the challenges to life. Keith, as a clinical psychologist, provides perspective on why individuals do the things they do, and what goes into making changes for the better. They create the Yin-Yang of understanding both the generational challenge and the collaborative solution. As you read through the stories, understand their message, and recognize generational commonalities, you will gain perspective and learn how to create a workplace where everyone can do their best.

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All Videos

David's expertise and guidance has created a renaissance of teamwork in our company.  Leadership and work engagement has blossomed, while turnover has dropped significantly.  This gives us a great advantage in our market.   

Kelly Black

President|POP Hospitality Group

David’s genuine interest in helping others is apparent in his style and demeanor. We have used David for Leadership coaching and Behavioral Interviewing techniques, templates and guidelines, all of which have proved to be successful.   

Dan Blackman

CEO/ Edmonds Engineering

Conquering the Generational Challenge uses wonderful stories to remind us that we can go further than we ever thought possible when as leaders we start to listen more and better understand each generation’s message.

Greg Lewis

CEO|Tennessee Center for Family Business and host of Family Business Today podcast

Is it possible to get such varied points of view to come together and unite as one team?

This book says yes it is…here’s how.

Mike Smith

Founder/CEO|Michael Smith & Associates 


 A very thoughtful and telling account of how different generations interact in today’s workplace.  The content is relevant and left me with some great ideas to take back to work.

Theresa Alexandroni

Architect Advisor|Cigna HealthSpring


Seeing through the lens of generational challenges allows us to bring our experiences together and benefit from our collective abilities. If you want to create a successful workplace environment, this book is a must read.

DeeDee Cooper

America's #1 Youth Dating Violence Prevention Speaker

As a leading customer experience consultancy, we’re always looking for new, engaging ways to drive outside-in, customer-centric understanding for our clients. Which is why David’s help designing an industry-leading customer experience learning and education program for a Fortune 1000 insurance company was such a game-changer. Bringing the “active” and the “learning” of “active learning” to life in a program that creatively engaged learners, we helped shift attitudes and perceptions in ways that will drive value for executives, employees, and customers for years to come. Thank you, David!


Michael Hinshaw
Founder and President, McorpCX

Co-author of the best-selling book Smart Customers, Stupid Companies

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